Low-Energy IoT Made Easy.

The battery-lifetime of autonomous IoT devices is a major limitation for the deployment of many IoT applications. Developing IoT devices that require years of battery lifetime is challenging. Building even simplest low-energy prototypes takes too long and costs too much. Therefore we built Embever IoT Core, an embedded middleware for low-energy IoT devices. It makes the development and deployment of IoT applications, that require a long battery lifetime, faster and easier than ever before. 

Managed data transfer for low-energy IoT.

You don’t need to reinvent the data transfer for your low-energy IoT device. Use proven building blocks for your application to get fast results. 

Our platform provides an energy-optimised embedded operating system with integrated cloud connectivity. Our proprietary protocols have been specifically designed for LPWAN technology like NB-IoT.

Connect to existing platforms.

We believe that IoT applications often need to be as specific as the problems they solve. With Embever IoT Core, you can connect your devices to any IoT applications.

Use existing open source platforms or connect your own custom IoT application.

Validate quickly. Scale easily.

Embever IoT Core helps you to build Proof-of-Concepts in days rather than months, without sacrificing the energy-efficiency of your devices. You can use Embever IoT Core with commercially available and certified IoT boards to get you started quickly and scale fast. 

We built Embever IoT Core with scalability and reliability in mind. 

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Let's make low-energy IoT work for you.

Custom IoT Development

If existing hardware solutions do not meet your requirements, we can help you develop your custom IoT device. We are experts in developing hardware and firmware specifically for low-energy IoT devices. 

Rapid Prototyping

With our rapid prototyping facilities, we develop your prototypes in-house and improve them iteratively. Shorten product development cycles and quickly see if your business model is viable.

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