Connect your things with reliable two-way communication. Build battery-powered  devices that run for years. Deliver products with power efficient cloud-to-device connectivity.

Embever Powers a new Generation of IoT Devices.

Until today, battery-operated IoT devices are mostly limited to sensor applications. Innovative products need to do more than that.

Embever's IoT platform redesigns the cloud-to-device communication from the ground up.

Build highly innovative IoT products that can be reliably controlled and configured from the web. Improve your products constantly with over-the-air firmware updates. Develop IoT devices that operate for years from a single battery cell and are instantly ready to use without local networks. 

Bidirectional Link

Embever's platform was built with cellular technologies like 2G, 3G or LTE in mind. Get nearly unconstraint bidirectional data transfer for your IoT devices. Trigger actions, update configurations and get status information. 

Existing Networks

Cellular technologies provide your IoT device with instant access to worldwide networks. You don't need to install local access points. Save your customer's time and deploy your product effortless.

Ultra Low Power

By using slim protocols, Embever's platform handles cloud-to-device communication extremely energy efficient. Build battery-powered IoT devices that operate for years.

Develop IoT Devices in Record Time using Embever's Building Blocks

Build prototypes and validate the design of your IoT device in no time using Embever's development boards. Integrate Embever's proven hardware design into your IoT device.

Embever's cloud makes it easy to interact with your devices. Trigger actions, request information or update configurations programmatically. Connect your webservices with Embever's REST API, an interface that engineers are already comfortable with.

Embever offers industrial grade IoT SIMs with low volume dataplans and worldwide coverage. Embever's connectivity service makes it easy and affordable to connect your devices. Use Embever's SIMs to acces over 500 network operators.

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Embever wird durch die Programme ego.-Start und Innovationsassistent des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Strukturfonds gefördert.