Embever IoT Lab

Embever IoT Lab

Shape your product vision towards market fit

You want to launch battery powered IoT products to the market. Your vision is already tangible and you want to develop prototypes to test your concepts. Embever IoT Lab offers you the opportunity to quickly validate your assumptions. We develop your prototypes in-house and improve them iteratively. In this way, you can shorten product development cycles and quickly see if your business model is viable. Experiment and run iterative product releases with us to bring the right product to market. Sell your product vision early on to key customers and investors with prototypes developed in Embever IoT Lab.

Prototyping with Embever

Profit from our Agile Hardware Development

Product Vision

 We define a flexible roadmap with you, find out what features need to be implemented first and what technology fits best.

Properly Aligned

Understand what users really want. Find the unique selling points to address your customers needs. We identify the features your customers dream about.​

Device Prototyping

We create hardware and firmware to produce a first working prototype including the most important features to test.

Fast Development

Embever’s expertise and in-house rapid prototyping facilities guarantee quick results. Embever IoT Core provides ready-to-use energy-efficient connectivity.

Device Evaluation

Iteratively test your product concepts in the real world. Conceptualize. Build. Test. Learn. Repeat.

Desired Results

Build battery powered devices that run for years. With efficient hardware development and the ready to use IoT connectivity platform it is easy to scale your IoT service​​.

Key Benefits

Minimize Risk

Embever´s Rapid Prototyping Agility Framework is is the fast and cost-effective accelerator to bring your ideas to market.

Validate Ideas

Our iterative approach enables you to quickly experiment, efficiently shaping a vision towards product-market fit.

Reduce Time to Market

Thanks to specialized in-house know-how and equipment, we can develop prototypes within a few days.

Start your IoT journey and make the world a smarter place

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