Digital Signage

Embever brings the advantages of digital signage to new applications.

Digital signage products enable their users to remotely change displayed information. The time-consuming manual change of information is eliminated. So far, digital signage products require a significant installation effort and cannot operate on a stand-alone basis. 
Embever’s IoT platform finally removes these limitations. It is perfectly suited for building battery-driven digital signage based on e-paper technology and cellular data transfer.
Digital signage solutions built with Embever's IoT platform work directly out of the box. Neither complex cabling nor the installation of access points is needed.

Digital License Plate

Digital license plates can save millions on administrative costs related to car registrations. Instead of producing new license plates, all vehicle registrations can be handled from a single point, greatly decreasing the risk of vehicle theft. The administrative burden of managing vehicle fleets can be drastically reduced.


Digital Freight Labeling

Digital freight labels can carry specific information on freight content, sender and receiver. Digital labels help identifiing containers and parcels in no time and reduce administrative costs drastically. Digital freight labels can be equipped with sensors and positioning technology to monitor container conditions.


Digital Billboards

The content of a digital billboard based on e-paper technology can be changed remotely. This saves an enormous amount of costs associated with the change of posters and increases the flexibility of billboards. Since the content of a digital billboard can be changed several times a day, advertisements reach the audience more efficiently.

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