Digital Lock

Embever enables secure transmission of access authorizations.

Thanks to the digital locking systems, heavy key chains are a thing of the past. Digital locks grant access only to authorized persons (or individuals) and can be opened using key chips or smartphones. However, the exchange of access codes has been a major logistical challenge so far. Particularly, the access authorizations must be transmitted to the individual doors manually by means of near field communication.
With Embever's IoT platform, you can now develop locking systems that use cellular communication to update authorization data. A stolen chip can thus easily be deprived of authorization. In addition, a temporary access can be implemented in a simple manner and the use of the locks can be monitored remotely. 
Built around cellular technologies with the focus on ultra-low-power technology, Embever’s IoT platform is particularly suited for creating and operating such innovative digital lock systems. Develop stand-alone digital locks that operate for years from a single battery.

Facilities Access Management

Digital locks can be used to manage keyless access to remote security-relevant locations. Digital locks help reduce the cost associated with key management. Access for workers can be granted remotely. Digital locks can sent alerts and help  to track expenditure of time.


Building and Room Access

Digital locks can be used to grant and revoke room and building access remotely. They save cost associated with the exchange, replication and loss of physical keys. Digital locks can be used as a major component of business models based on pay per use and time  tracking. 

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