Machine Configuration

Embever enhances stand-alone machines by adding remote configuration and control.

A big challenge that remains until today is remote control and configuration of battery-powered wireless machines and devices with discontinuous network connections. 
With Embever’s IoT platform device manufacturers can easily master this challenge. Embever makes sure that configurations and control commands reach the designated devices even if they only connect sporadically. The focus on ultra-low-power technology allows the battery-powered operation of these machines for years.

Permanent Product Improvement

Products that are equipped with worldwide connectivity can be pemanently improved by updating firmware over the air. This allows for business models with recurring revenue streams. Customers can buy certain device features that can be activated in the firmware remotely.


Parameter Configuration

Vending or ticket machines can be equipped with cellular technologies to change price tables remotely and to monitor device status. This not only saves cost for the operators, it also increases service levels and allows to implement special offers for certain events.  

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